open decks

Thank you for your interest in Open Decks at Nightcap at the Squire Lounge. Below you will find all the information you need about what to expect. Please keep in mind that time slots vary week to week and are not guaranteed, previous DJ experience and technical knowledge of the equipment provided is required. If you haven’t played at Nightcap before, please send a mix via Facebook. To sign up, simply show up, there will be a chalkboard or sign up sheet provided.


1. No drinks on the table, there is a shelf for drinks stage right against the wall
2. Respect the time slot (up to 30 minutes)
3. Practice good DJ etiquette and respect for others in the booth
4. Your first track you mix in should mix with the previous DJ’s track
5. Avoid hard cutting, the goal is to have a seamless night of music with no silence during transitions
6. Treat the decks and mixer with respect
7. Do not redline, do not make adjustments to Mix1 volume (master volume)
8. Do not make adjustments to individual channel gain controls, these should remain at 12 o’clock
9. You may make slight adjustments to Mix2 volume (booth volume), be aware it should be lower than Mix1
10. Bring your unique vibe, but also please play appropriately to the room and the crowd. If you show up to play every week just to play your slot without offering your presence and crowd support to other DJ’s you won’t be asked to participate in the future. It takes a village, be a part of it.

Playing during Open Decks at Nightcap at the Squire Lounge is a privilege, not a guarantee. If issues arise due to lack of understanding of the equipment, poor etiquette, or otherwise, your set will be cut short.

Nightcap is not an instructional clinic, but rather a community driven showcase. Please understand the difference and practice self-awareness and intention throughout the night. Practice on your time, hone your skills in a live setting on our time.


Allen & Heath Xone 92
2x CDJ-2000 Nexus

what to bring

Headphones with a quarter inch adaptor
CDs, SD Cards or USB formatted for RekordBox (or whatever file system you are comfortable with)
Your tracks should be in .aif, .wav, or 320 kbps .mp3 format – no youtube rips!
Good vibes