A place to decompress through the art of DJing. Open decks every Thursday with mainstays and up and comers alike spinning house, techno, disco, breaks, and beyond.

Open Decks

Thank you for your interest in Open Decks at Nightcap at the Squire Lounge. Below you will find more basic information about what to expect when you play. Please keep in mind that time slots vary week to week and are not guaranteed, previous DJ experience is required. The chalkboard for signup will become available between 8:30 - 8:45 once the booth has been setup. If you haven’t played at Nightcap before, please send a mix via Facebook.

practice on your time, demonstrate your skill on ours. djs should be able to provide a clean unbroken mix for up to 30 minutes without issue. If this isn’t where you are yet please brush up before you sign up.


  1. No drinks on the table, there is a shelf for drinks stage right against the wall
  2. Respect the time slot (up to 30 minutes) - allow next dj to plug in 2-3 minutes before the start of their slot so they can mix in on time, don't hog the decks
  3. Practice good DJ etiquette and respect for others in the booth
  4. Your first track you mix in should mix with the previous DJ’s track
  5. Avoid hard cutting, the goal is to have a seamless night of music with no silence during transitions
  6. Treat the decks and mixer with respect
  7. Do not redline, do not make adjustments to Mix1 volume (master volume)
  8. Only one person on the tables at a time unless playing b2b
  9. You may make slight adjustments to booth volume, be aware it should be lower than Mix1
  10. Bring your unique vibe, but also please play appropriately to the room and the crowd


what to bring